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OPASCA – ​your reliable partner for digitizing your medical facility

​​OPASCA offers solutions for your process digitization in healthcare in order to improve the quality of care, relieve specialist capacities and increase patient sovereignty.

​Customized solutions for daily efficiency and patient autonomy, integrating all essential real-time clinical workflow data. From specialized applications in radiotherapy to holistic solutions for digital workflow and patient management in small and large clinical settings. From pre-treatment to outpatient and inpatient care to post-treatment: our modular, interoperable solutions stand for safe, efficient and simple processes in the entire daily clinical routine around the treatment of your patients.

We are characterized by our proximity to clinical processes, our focus on patient and employee satisfaction, and the fast, flexible development of custom-fit solutions - integrated into the existing process and IT landscape.

An OPASCA system offers you and your patients concrete added value: it adapts to people, not the other way around. Even if complex processes run in the background of our products, the operation remains intuitive. This ensures extraordinary user acceptance in practice.

15 der TOP 25 Kliniken in Deutschland vertrauen bereits OPASCA

Diese neusten Top-Klinik-Empfehlungen sind in der renommierten FOCUS-Klinik-Empfehlungsliste enthalten und geben Patienten eine nützliche Orientierungshilfe bei der Suche nach einer Klinik, die den höchsten medizinischen und qualitativen Standards entspricht. Das Rechercheinstitut FactField hat für die FOCUS-Klinikliste eine umfangreiche Auswertung durchgeführt, bei der mehrere Faktoren wie die medizinische Qualität, Reputation, Pflege- und Hygienestandards sowie Vorjahresempfehlungen der Kliniken berücksichtigt wurden.

Insgesamt wurden mehr als tausend Krankenhäuser sowie über vierzehntausend Kliniken in die Datenerhebung miteinbezogen. Im Ergebnis wurde eine Liste der Top-Kliniken in Deutschland erstellt. Jede Klinik wurde sorgfältig geprüft, um sicherzustellen, dass sie den höchsten Standards entspricht. Es ist daher bemerkenswert, dass eine hohe Anzahl der Top-Kliniken Deutschlands auf die modernen Technologien und Lösungen von OPASCA setzen, um ihre medizinische Versorgung stetig zu verbessern.

​We digitize processes in hospitals. For the people. For over 10 years. Made in Germany.

Our solutions ...

More efficiency, safety and satisfaction for patients and staff

​Together with you, we realize the optimal clinical workflows for your facility through standardization and automation. We offer customized concepts that intelligently connect and network all the people and components involved in treatment.

​More safety in daily clinical routine

​Efficient workflows and smooth processes

​More transparency through real-time data and statistics

​Digitization of essential patient data


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​​… ​the preservation and protection of the privacy of their patients.

​​… ​a modern and staff-independent source of information for your patients and visitors.

​​… ​of increasing satisfaction among their patients because they promote a sense of autonomy by actively involving them in the processes. 

​​… ​an attractive external image through the use of modern, patient-centered technologies and media.

​… ​the reduction of language barriers through multilingual user interfaces that promote understanding and trust on the patient side.

​… ​user-friendly, intuitive user interfaces that quickly reduce fears of contact among people who are less tech-savvy and lead to a high level of user acceptance.

​​… ​relieving the workload of specialist staff through structured data capture and automated data reconciliation with the HIS/ROKIS.

​​… ​shortening waiting times through more efficient processes and focusing on core tasks.