A strong network for efficient digitization!

It is with great pleasure that OPASCA introduces the new cooperation partner Change IT Solutions. Our common goal is to prevent redundancy in the day-to-day running of clinics by advancing efficient digitization in healthcare.

Partnership and collaboration are critical factors for the success of any business. Especially in the area of efficient digitization of healthcare, close collaboration can make all the difference.

A recent example about a successful cooperation was summarized in the interview with the founders of Change IT Solutions and OPASCA.

Efficient, structured and tailored digitization

When asked how the solutions of the two partners complement each other, Doreen Dahlmann, CEO of Change IT Solutions, explained, “In the combination of OPASCA and Change IT Solutions, joint projects can be carried out much more efficiently.”

Timo Machmer, CTO of OPASCA also agrees. “Through its tool, Change IT Solutions detects deficits in the existing IT structure of clinics. OPASCA fills these with customized solutions in the areas of workflow and safety. In other words: Change IT Solutions with its software solution sfs-healthcare is in a figurative sense the consultant, OPASCA takes over the part of the precisely fitting implementation. As a result, projects can be implemented more quickly and in a more structured manner in the respective hospital areas.”

Exchange of experience, support, joint projects

The cooperation between Change IT Solutions and OPASCA consists primarily of the exchange of different experiences and mutual support, with the aim of significantly facilitating digitization for clinics.

Alexei Swerdlow, CEO of OPASCA, emphasized: “With joint projects, we want to advance digital healthcare from both Change IT Solutions’ and OPASCA’s perspectives.” Doreen Dahlmann added: “Exchange of experience and support in joint projects are very valuable, especially for Change IT Solutions as a start-up.”

Unclear IT structures are a thing of the past

The benefits for users are great and clear. Alexej Swerdlow emphasizes: “The digitization of healthcare requires reorganization on many levels and is cross-divisional. The integration of various IT solutions into the overall system poses great challenges. The advantage of our collaboration is that we, as a provider, integrate the solutions. On the part of the customer, this means fewer IT resources have to be expended.”

Doreen Dahlmann summarizes: “Hours of consolidating Excel lists or unclear IT structures and strategies are a thing of the past with this cooperation. With Change IT Solutions’ structured analyses and OPASCA’s solutions and best practices, digitization projects no longer stall.”

Together, we can advance healthcare digitization and eliminate redundancy in your hospital aswell. OPASCA and our partner Change IT Solutions will be happy to answer any questions you may have.