Ambience Features is part of the Safety Suite. 

​A pleasant environment has a positive effect on cooperation, minimizes stress, contributes to relaxation and reduces the need for anesthetics. With the Ambience Features of the OPASCA Safety Suite, you can create an individual treatment ambience for your patients in just a few seconds.

Your benefits

​The relaxed treatment atmosphere for maximum patient cooperation.

​​The individual features of the Safety Suite can be combined individually to provide the best possible support for your everyday workflow. The display and operation is touch-controlled via the multifunctional OPASCA terminals. The features are available for all common LINAC models from the manufacturers Accuray, Elekta, Siemens, Varian, and with limitations also for MR-LINACs from Elekta and ViewRay. Further areas of application: CT and brachytherapy rooms.


  • ​​
    ​​​Ambient Music
  • Integration of radio streams
  • Play your own music from your personal device
  • Ambient Diashow
  • Selection of different image series
  • Integration of TV streams
  • Display of individual content (static, animated)
  • Face to Face
  • Videophony between ComUnit at the workstation and via Inroom Screens in the treatment room
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Automated, theme-based or individual setting across the entire color spectrum
  • Automatic switching between modelling and treatment mode