CheckIn & CheckOut Terminal is part of the Workflow Suite.

​Patient CheckIn & CheckOut is available in multiple languages and promotes the sovereignty of your patients of all ages. With the Patient Pass (provided as a QR code on paper, as an RFID card, or in the Patient Companion app), your patient logs in independently at the CheckIn Terminal and thus avoids possible waiting times at the reception desk. The easyto-understand feedback provides up-to-date information on scheduled appointments, times and treatment locations.

The information is provided via an automatic data exchange between the identification ID of the Patient Pass and the patient ID in your HIS/OIS. At all integrated workstations, you can track the current presence and whereabouts status of your patients according to the appointment schedule. 

Patient Request and AutoCheckIn ARIA Connect (only available for ARIA® users) complement the digital check-in workflow.

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Your benefits

For your patients:

For the professional staff:

​​The autonomous CheckIn and CheckOut of your patients with
automatic feedback.

​​Independent patient registration with the personal patient pass - for more transparency and workflow efficiency. Thanks to the integrated RFID technology, data transmission is contactless and hygienic.


  • ​Autonomous patient CheckIn and CheckOut at the CheckIn Terminal
  • Multilingual and intuitive operation
  • Automatic updating of presence status and location
  • In connection with HIS/OIS: feedback on appointment status (time, location), overview of scheduled appointments
  • Extendable with Patient Request, Patient Calling and AutoCheckIn ARIA Connect (only available for ARIA® users)