Digitale Patientenaufnahme

Patient Registration serves to optimize the preparation of an inpatient or prehospital admission of elective patients. At the Welcome Terminal, your patient's master data are recorded and compared with the information from the HIS/ROKIS. For this purpose the health card or a QR code transmitted in advance. Your patient then selects his or her request (e.g., according to specialty) and is automatically placed in the appropriate queue. The patient receives information on the next steps and is asked to take a seat in the waiting area and wait for the call.

Patient Registration is ideally complemented by Patient Calling for convenient and data-protection-compliant patient call, and the Patient Desk, which you can use to provide your patients with digital forms for your patients to fill out and sign.

​Benefits and added value for your patients

  • ​Modern and staff-independent source of information for patients and visitors increases satisfaction and promotes a sense of autonomy through active involvement in processes
  • ​Reduction of language barriers through multilingual user interfaces promote understanding and trust on the part of patients
  • ​User-friendly, intuitive user interface quickly reduces fears of contact among people who are less tech-savvy, resulting in high user acceptance

​Benefits and added value for your staff

  • ​More time for medical, therapeutic and nursing activities through automation and digitization of administrative and analog processes
  • ​Increase in data quality through interoperability with HIS/ROKIS: structured recording, automatic transfer and reconciliation
  • ​Reduction of administrative activities enables cost savings (including through fewer paper printouts, less overtime, less idle time, higher adherence to deadlines)
  • ​Optimization of personnel, spatial and equipment resource management through more efficient processes

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