Our modular complete solutions

Workflow Suite

From digital patient onboarding to transparent, privacy-compliant waiting time and call management, communication with your patients via app to an intuitive patient guidance system – OPASCA provides you with a complete solution from a single source. The OPASCA Workflow Suite simplifies the complex daily routine in hospitals. It ensures that all processes run more efficiently and are networked with each other, leaving more time for individual and personal care of your patients.

Safety Suite

When working with hazardous radiation in radiotherapy, the safety of all involved persons has top priority. The OPASCA Safety Suite offers your patients and staff numerous safety mechanisms for daily hospital routine. Combinable modules, like audio-visual room monitoring, radiation detection or video-based patient and setup validation, build a holistic safety system that protects all persons involved in the process and also optimises your workflow.


Especially in the current times, the protection of staff and patients in hospitals is becoming more and more important. RapidCall offers a fast and uncomplicated implementation of a solution that provides more security in your clinic. By reducing contact between staff and patients to a minimum, the necessary physical distance can be maintained without disrupting the treatment process.

Corona Test Center Management

The need for testing capacity to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic is increasing. This creates a number of logistical and procedural challenges. One of the most important questions: How do you avoid an ever-lengthening queue and where to put all the waiting patients? OPASCA’s Corona Test Centre Management delivers the solution.

Corona Impfzentrum Management

The vaccines are available, the facilities are prepared, but how can the many people who want to be vaccinated be managed? With Corona Vaccination Centre Management, OPASCA offers a resource-saving end-to-end solution from the time patients arrive until they leave the vaccination centre – all from a single source.