Corona Contact Tracker

Fast contact tracing in case of emergency 

Especially in times of a corona pandemic, the protection of patients and staff is more important than ever. But what if an emergency occurs and an infected patient is in your clinic? With the Corona Contact Tracker you can quickly and easily identify all potential contact persons. 

Reporting with just a few clicks
The OPASCA patient management system of the OPASCA Workflow Suite allows you to track where a patient has been within the facility. Authorised staff can call up at any time which patient was present, when, how long and where. This, combined with information from other patients, allows critical overlaps to be identified. This allows you to take immediate action when an infection among your patients becomes known, and to track and inform contacts directly. 

Via a web application you have the possibility to generate reports at the push of a button. The system shows you all potential contacts with location, date, time and time-overlap. 

Fast control in case of infection by simple reporting with just a few clicks

The Corona Contact Tracker is easy to implement in existing installations with OPASCA Patient Management. We also offer the Corona Contact Tracker as a transportable solution as part of RapidCall RT. 


A COVID-19 infection is reported and potential contact persons must be identified immediately.


Insert the name and select the infected patient.

The data is automatically recorded through interaction with digital workflow and patient management. If required, hospital staff have immediate access and can quickly identify potential contact persons and help to minimize cross-contamination as quick as possible.


Automatic crosscheck with the recorded workflow data and display of potential contact persons.

The potential contact persons and times and places of the actual contact with the infected patient are automatically displayed and can be exported if required.


Automatic availability of locations within the clinic.

By indicating the actual movements of the infected patient within the clinic, possible contacts with the clinic staff can also be made quickly by comparing them with the work schedule and the affected colleagues can be informed immediately.


Benefits for staff and patients

  • In case of infection, fast and uncomplicated reporting.

  • No need to fill in and keep proof of presence.

  • No manual evaluation of appointment data.

  • Seamless integration into existing processes and Systems.

  • Data security, as all data is only stored at the customer’s premises.

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