Corona Vaccination Center Management

Safe and efficient process in corona vaccination centers

Vaccinate significantly more patients in a short time through digitalization

The vaccines will soon be available, the facilities are being prepared, but how can the many people who want to be vaccinated be managed?

With the Corona Vaccination Center Management, OPASCA offers a resource-saving end-to-end solution from the arrival of the patients to the time they leave the vaccination center – all from a single source.

Simple Patient Journey
With Corona Vacciation Center Management, you ensure smooth processes, transparency and minimum effort for your staff in your vaccination center. The vaccination process can thus be reduced to two minutes.

The Patient Journey begins with the independent check-in of patients at the OPASCA Admission Terminal and the hand out of a waiting stamp. Easy-to-understand information guides patients to the right waiting areas. Patient education takes place via explanatory video and digital signature. The call for vaccination is made via monitors, loudspeakers or SMS – triggered by just one touch from the staff. Guidance monitors support the patients in finding their destination in complex facilities.

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Background: The corona vaccination strategy and its implementation involves enormous logistical challenges with regard to the coordination of patient flows in the local facilities. Since much of the work in the healthcare system is still done manually, this ties up many resources that are already scarce here anyway. In addition, it also involves extremely high costs. OPASCA provides a remedy here: Our IT solution allows corona vaccination centers to be efficiently organized so that the vaccination can reach everyone as quickly as possible.

Fully automated recording and transfer of the main data of the persons to be vaccinated to the hospital information system.


Smooth processes in your Corona vaccination center


Independent check-in via the OPASCA Admissions terminal.

The patient goes to your vaccination center at an appointment previously arranged online and registers independently via the OPASCA Admission terminal with a QR code.

An optional just-in-time body temperature measurement directly at the terminal enables you to immediately triage patients with increased body temperature in separate areas


Automatic print out of the waiting mark.

After registration, the patient receives a waiting mark with his call number. Through the number he receives, the patient can estimate when he will be called and can decide whether he will stay in the designated waiting area or spend his waiting time, for example in the car. In this way, you guarantee increased transparency in your processes and strengthen the satisfaction of your patients.


Automatic patient consent with digital signature.

Explanatory videos inform your patients about risks and side effects. These can be watched in the waiting area or via link on the smartphone.

By digital signature the patients confirm that they have seen and understood the educational video and agree to the vaccination – with a minimum of time spent by the staff.


Automatic display of the call via the OPASCA Information display.

The call is made by touch on the control unit by your staff and is shown in the waiting area on the large information display and simultaneously on an LED screen in the outside area. Because of the call number and the indication of the destination, your patient immediately knows where he has to go and reaches his destination without major detours.


End of the waiting period and start of the treatment.

As soon as your patient has been called, he will go to his treatment destination. His call number can be used as proof of authorisation to enter the test station.


Waiting time after vaccination.

After vaccination, the patient goes to another waiting area to wait for a while for possible reactions to the vaccination. Information on this and clearly visible clocks on information displays also provide transparency here.


Use live statistics to optimise your workflow.

Flexibly respond to peak times with more test personnel, for example, to reduce patient waiting times.


Benefits for staff and patients

  • Patient traffic is controlled efficiently and in compliance with COVID-19.

  • Avoiding crowds of people.

  • Up to 50 people can be informed simultaneously about risks and side effects

  • Risk of infection is reduced due to low staff-patient contact and corona compliant patient management.

  • Your staff gets an overview of the number of patients waiting at all times.

  • Best possible transparency for your patients about the processes during the waiting period. 

  • Fully automated recording and transfer of the main data of the tested persons to the hospital information system. 

The solution “made in Germany” from Mannheim has already proven itself in the field of patient management of Covid-19 test centers.

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