OPASCA is already setting tomorrow’s standards of care today

OPASCA optimises and digitalises processes and workflows in large and small clinical facilities. The modular solution portfolio of software and hardware can be customised: from special applications in radiotherapy to holistic workflow and patient management in the entire hospital or even a doctor’s practice.

All relevant real-time data of the workflow is captured and integrated – for more efficiency, safety and satisfaction of staff and patients. OPASCA is based in Mannheim and has over 60 employees. Founded in 2011 as a start-up, OPASCA has become a technology pioneer and market leader.

The Management Board


Steffen Liebscher …

…sets the course for sustainable business success in the digital age with his broad know-how and distinct functional understanding of excellence in process management.


Dr. Alexej Swerdlow …

…ensures innovation-driven and sustainable business development with customer-centred advice and high sensitivity to not yet discovered market needs.


Dr.-Ing. Timo Machmer …

…leads by his business sense, combined with agile development skills, to user-centric but scalable solutions.

From start-up to medium-sized company

The managing directors Dr Timo Machmer and Dr Alexej Swerdlow studied technical computer science together at the University of Mannheim and did their doctorate at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in the special research area of humanoid robotics.
When OPASCA Systems was founded in January 2011, they already had two solutions for radiotherapy practice successfully in clinical operation. The company name was derived from the English acronym of these first object recognition products – OPto-Acoustic SCene Analysis.
Even then, it became clear what makes OPASCA so successful to this day: Due to the proximity to the customer and the close exchange, the systems work immediately, even in complex environments.
In 2011, another technical computer scientist, Steffen Liebscher, joined the team. With economic support from the EU and the city of Mannheim, OPASCA then grew by 250 % in 2014. Shortly afterwards, in 2018, the number of employees jumped to 58 and the company became a medium-sized enterprise.

OPASCA is characterised by its proximity to clinical processes and the rapid, flexible development of customised solutions – always oriented to concrete needs.

OPASCA’s technology offers concrete added value: it adapts to the human being, not vice versa. Even if complex processes run in the background of the solutions, their operation is intuitive. This ensures the extraordinary acceptance of the solutions in practice.

Distribution on the international market

OPSACA has long outgrown its start-up status: in the meantime, more than 100 clinical facilities in 20 different countries have implemented digitalisation projects with OPASCA and report measurable successes.

Installed systems
Years of experience

Experience and targets

While OPASCA’s focus was at first on solutions for more safety in radiotherapy, the horizon and product range broadened by 2015: at that time, the focus changed from safety during radiotherapy to optimising workflows and engaging patients throughout the hospital. Here OPASCA sees great potential for scaling and growth, while in radiotherapy the market penetration target is 80 per cent. Next, OPASCA is aiming for the world of medical practices: In the future, digitalisation will cause outpatient and inpatient care to grow closer together with doctors in private practice. OPASCA will be the connecting link here. In the pandemic, we also want to offer options that optimise the processes in testing and vaccination centres. In this way, we are making our contribution to the fight against the Corona pandemic.

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    OPASCA thanks you for 10 years of trust!

    OPASCA celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. We would therefore like to express our sincere thanks to all those who have accompanied us on our journey from a start-up to an industry leader in the field of hospital digitalisation. For all our customers and those who would like to become one, we have declared the OPASCA Action Year to celebrate this significant number.



    Our success is based on a Europe-wide network of strong partners. In close cooperation with users, we strive for highly innovative developments and solutions to optimise therapy processes worldwide.