Project Description


OPASCA Ambiente OPASCA Ambience Patient Safety Sicherheit

Optimally suited for   Hospitals & Clinics   Medical Practices   Radiotherapy   Vaccination & Testing Centres

Trust and safety through relaxation.

OPASCA Ambience allows patients to select individual music, image and light settings for their treatment in advance. The positive at­mos­phere has a relaxing effect on all parties. Patients feel safe and secure.


  • Individual choice of room light colour and intensity from an extensive range of colours

  • Music selection from numerous, royalty free songs

  • Preparation of thematic scenarios for sound, light and image output
  • Connection of personal mobile devices possible
  • Automatic activation of the selected settings

Your Benefits

  • Therapy support through reduction of stress factors

  • Relaxed working atmosphere and relief of personnel

  • Increased patient autonomy
  • Involvement of the patient in the treatment process
  • Positive effects on the healing process as well as on the heart and respiratory rate

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