Project Description

Gating feedback

OPASCA Atem-Gating-Feedback OPASCA fating feedback Patient Safety Sicherheit

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Intuitive respiratory feedback via coloured light control for shorter treatment times and maximum tissue protection.

The active involvement of patients is par­ti­cu­larly important in respiration-assisted ir­ra­di­a­tions in order to protect healthy sur­roun­ding tissue. The OPASCA Gating feed­back pro­vides intuitive, understandable feed­back on the pa­tient’s respiratory be­ha­viour via changes in room light colour. Com­plex instructions by the staff in advance are no longer necessary.


  • Support of breath-controlled irradiations (DIBH) by coloured light output according to the breathing curve

  • Cooperation with numerous providers of breath gating systems

Your benefits

  • Maximum protection of healthy body tissue

  • Intuitively understandable feedback shortens training times

  • Reduction of treatment times and equipment runtimes
  • Hygienic technology without additional equipment

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