Project Description

Patient calling

Optimally suited for   Hospitals & Clinics   Medical Practice   Radiotherapy   Vaccination & Testing Centres

Smooth clinical routines with the OPASCA Patient calling.

Initiated by touch contact, the acoustic and visual patient call is made via their individual colour-number combination. The call is therefore absolutely anonymous and con­forms to data protection regulations. The automation of the process enables faster treat­ment procedures and optimized patient guidance.


  • Automatic patient call by touch via the control unit

  • Manual prioritization of patients enables optimized treatment sequences and parallel patient flows

  • Visual display of the patient-individual colour-number combination on the monitors in the waiting room as well as audible call
  • Display of next treatment station

Your benefits

  • Privacy-compliant patient call

  • Relief of personnel

  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Accelerated treatment process and optimized patient-specific control
  • Avoidance of patient misidentifications

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