Project Description

Patient Desk

Optimally suited for   Hospitals & Clinics   Medical Practices   Radiotherapy   Vaccination & Testing Centres

Digitize processes and significantly reduce waiting times with the OPASCA Patient desk.

With the OPASCA Patient desk, patients can digitally fill out and sign all necessary forms prior to treatment. The patient’s processing of the documents is facilitated by simple, com­pre­hen­si­ble questions. The legally bin­ding text is also available. In addition, clinic-specific queries, such as a patient password, can be entered in a structured manner. The com­ple­ted documents are sent directly to the staff. With the Signature Pad installed, the sig­na­tures are legally secure. Sight proof equip­ment ensures privacy during processing.

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  • Digital filling in and signing of all required documents in advance

  • Immediate transmission of the data to the personnel

  • Real-time display of information
  • Sight protection for privacy

Your benefits

  • Increased efficiency through digitization and optimized processess

  • Shorter waiting times

  • Relief of personnel
  • Patient-centred workflow
  • Availability of information in real time
  • More transparency
  • Paperless documentation

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