Project Description

Patient Pass

Optimally suited for   Hospitals & Clinics   Medical Practices   Radiotherapy   Vaccination & Testing Centres

The OPASCA Patient pass is the ideal therapy companion during the entire clinical stay.

The OPASCA Patient pass with individual colour-number combination enables clear identification and data protection-compliant calling of patients during the entire clinical stay. The patients can check in and out in­de­pen­dent­ly with their pass. Thanks to real-time data transmission, staff have an overview of patient status and location at all times.


  • Independent and fast checkin and checkout of patients after intital registration

  • The location of each patient is viewable in the system

  • Anonymous identification pass
  • Unique assignment
  • Reuseable

Your benefits

  • Avoidance of mistaken patient identity

  • High level of anonymity and data protection

  • Efficient patient control
  • Increasing patient autonomy and satisfaction
  • Better orientation for patients in the clinic (through patient guidance)
  • Seamless and versatile integration into the patient management system

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