Project Description

Personal safety

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On the safe side with the OPASCA Personal safety.

Based on video-supported room analysis, the OPASCA Personal safety solution guarantees max­i­mum pro­tection, for all involved, against misdirected radiation. The software only allows treat­ment when there are no more persons or ob­jects in the danger zone that do not belong there. The final confirmation remains with the personnel.


  • Three-dimensional video-based detection of persons and objects in the treatment room

  • Radiation-resistant wide-angle colour cameras cover the entire area without gaps

  • Computer-aided, fully automatic analysis in real time
  • Output of warnings on the terminal at the ratiation protection gate

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive protection against unintentional irradiation

  • Support of the clinic staff

  • Simple operations by touch on the gate terminal

  • Accelerated treatment process due to label-free solution
  • More efficient design of the clinic workflow
  • Final release and responsibility remain with personnel

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