Safety solutions for radiotherapy from OPASCA

Ionizing radiation can be a health hazard to people working in radiotherapy. The safety of all persons involved has the highest priority. The OPASCA Safety Suite offers your patients and your personnel a range of safety me­cha­nisms for your clinical routines. Individual mo­du­les such as audio-visual room monitoring, radiation detection or video-based patient and setup validation can be combined to form an integrated safety system that protects all per­sons involved in the process and optimises your workflow. Our products comply to the latest standards, both legal and monitoring, and ensure patient safety even in areas that are temporarily inaccessible to caregivers.
This way, your employees feel safe and your patients always feel well cared for.

OPASCA Patient Safety Suite SicherheitOPASCA Patient Safety Suite Sicherheit

Solutions overview

Personal safety

On the safe side with the OPASCA Personal safety. 

Based on video-supported room analysis, the OPASCA Personal safety solution guarantees max­i­mum pro­tection, for all involved, against misdirected radiation. The software only allows treat­ment when there are no more persons or ob­jects in the danger zone that do not belong there. The final confirmation remains with the personnel.


  • Three-dimensional video-based detection of persons and objects in the treatment room

  • Radiation-resistant wide-angle colour cameras cover the entire area without gaps

  • Computer-aided, fully automatic analysis in real time

  • Output of warnings on the terminal at the ratiation protection gate

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive protection against unintentional irradiation

  • Support of the clinic staff

  • Simple operations by touch on the gate terminal

  • Accelerated treatment process due to label-free solution

  • More efficient design of the clinic workflow

  • Final release and responsibility remain with personnel

Patient validation

No more mix-ups thanks to reliable patient validation based on biometric facial recognition.

During the initial treatment of the patient, the OPASCA Patient validation records the in­di­vid­u­al biometric facial features of the pa­tient and links them to the digital file. For follow-up ap­point­ments, the software com­pares the match of the current patient with the loaded patient data. Release or feedback on dis­cre­pan­cies is sent directly to the staff at the gate terminal.


  • Software-based recording of the patient’s individual biometric facial features on the initial registration

  • Markingless validation for subsequent dates

  • Direct release or feedback of discrepancies to the personnel at the gate terminal

Your benefits

  • Avoidance of patient mix-ups

  • No concerns for the patient in case of discrepancies

  • Support for the staff

  • Involvement of the patient in the treatment process

  • High level of safety

  • Seamless integration into existing systems possible

Audio-visual monitoring

More safety and comfort through seamless communication during the entire treatment.

OPASCA’s Audio-visual monitoring offers uninterrupted communication between personnel and patients. The provided software and hardware are specially developed for the extreme con­ditions of radiotherapy. Easy to integrate, with­out additional effort for the specialist per­son­nel and extremely durable. For a safe feeling during the whole treatment.


  • Reliable intercom with filtering of backround noise

  • High-resolution real-time images thanks to special wide-angle cameras

  • Up to 30x zoom capability of the radiation-resistant camera systems

Your benefits

  • More safety and comfort for patients and staff

  • Improvement of the reaction possibilities and the course of treatment

  • Intuitive operations of the control unit via touch screen

  • Guarantee of absolute data protection compliance

Setup validation

OPASCA Setup-Validierung OPASCA setup validation Patient Safety SicherheitOPASCA Setup-Validierung OPASCA setup validation Patient Safety Sicherheit

Video-based validation of immobilization devices as an efficient solution for intuitive treatment preparation.

The OPASCA Setup validation provides staff with easy-to-understand feedback on the po­si­tioning of the immobilization device on the monitors in the treatment room. For each frac­tion, the system detects whether the type, position and patient-specific configuration are correctly set. Irradiation is only possible when the positioning corresponds to the last con­fi­gu­ra­tion stored for the patient.


  • Verification of immobilization device type, position and configuration

  • Visual and easy-to-understand feedback on necessary adjustments on monitors in the treatment room

  • Irradiation only possible if all components are in the correct position

  • Cooperation with various board manufacturers

Your benefits

  • Quick and intuitive setup of the immobilization device

  • High accuracy and reproducibility

  • More safety through the exclusion of error sources

  • Seamless integration into the OPASCA safety workflow

Radiation detection

Maximum protection against harmful radiation based on continuous measurement of the values in the treatment room.

OPASCA Radiation detection provides reliable feedback on potentially hazardous radiation doses in the treatment room. If a local dose above the threshold is measured, access must first be granted manually by the personnel. The continuous storage of all measurements enables weekly, monthly or annual evaluations.


  • Detection of radiation in the treatment room

  • Immediate feedback at the terminal of the radiaton protection gate or at the workplace

  • Measurement of the total irradiation time

  • Redundant power supply for secure, uninterrupted recording

  • Continuous storage of measured values enables long-term evaluations

  • Clear display of measured values and intuitive operations

Your benefits

  • Safe protection against radiation hazardous to health

  • Facilitation of work processes

  • Optimal integration into existing systems

Gating feedback

Intuitive respiratory feedback via coloured light control for shorter treatment times and maximum tissue protection.

The active involvement of patients is par­ti­cu­larly important in respiration-assisted ir­ra­di­a­tions in order to protect healthy sur­roun­ding tissue. The OPASCA Gating feed­back pro­vides intuitive, understandable feed­back on the pa­tient’s respiratory be­ha­viour via changes in room light colour. Com­plex instructions by the staff in advance are no longer necessary.


  • Support of breath-controlled irradiations (DIBH) by coloured light output according to the breathing curve

  • Cooperation with numerous providers of breath gating systems

Your benefits

  • Maximum protection of healthy body tissue

  • Intuitively understandable feedback shortens training times

  • Reduction of treatment times and equipment runtimes

  • Hygienic technology without additional equipment


OPASCA Face-to-Face OPASCA Face-to-face Patient Safety SicherheitOPASCA Face-to-Face OPASCA face-to-face Patient Safety Sicherheit

The OPASCA Face-to-face installation is the ideal complement for seamless patient care.

The bi-directional OPASCA video telephony allows the patient to be connected to an ex­ter­nal carer also during treatment. Staff, pa­rents, interpreters, partners or friends can have a calming effect on the patient via a mo­bile com­mu­ni­ca­tion unit outside the treat­ment room. The uninterrupted guarantee of hearing and visual contact simplifies com­mu­ni­ca­tion and creates a more relaxed work atmosphere.


  • Bidirectional communication

  • Controllable large-screen monitors with live video streams in the treatment room

  • Mobile communication unit for the caregiver outside

Your benefits

  • Effective communication through visual contact

  • Reduction of stress for all parties involved

  • Reduction of possible need for anaesthesia, especially for children

  • Translations by an interpreter possible

  • Minimization of communication problems


OPASCA Ambiente OPASCA Ambience Patient Safety SicherheitOPASCA Ambiente OPASCA Ambience Patient Safety Sicherheit

Trust and safety through relaxation.

OPASCA Ambience allows patients to select individual music, image and light settings for their treatment in advance. The positive at­mos­phere has a relaxing effect on all parties. Patients feel safe and secure.


  • Individual choice of room light colour and intensity from an extensive range of colours

  • Music selection from numerous, royalty free songs

  • Preparation of thematic scenarios for sound, light and image output

  • Connection of personal mobile devices possible

  • Automatic activation of the selected settings

Your benefits

  • Therapy support through reduction of stress factors

  • Relaxed working atmosphere and relief of personnel

  • Increased patient autonomy

  • Involvement of the patient in the treatment process

  • Positive effects on the healing process as well as on the heart and respiratory rate