Expert for digitalization of clinical processes celebrates anniversary

Mannheim, January 14, 2021  Before its official founding, the Mannheim-based company was setting new safety standards for staff and patients by using specially developed technology in the particularly challenging envi-ronment of radiation therapy. Today, OPASCA GmbH, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary on January 14, 2021, offers field-proven solu-tions for the digitization and automation of clini-cal processes with a high level of application ex-pertise.

“We know that efficient and secure processes are the key to optimal healthcare,“ explains OPASCA CPOSteffen Liebscher: “We work on this every day.“ CEO and Founder Dr. Alexej Swerdlow adds, “the growing awareness among healthcare providers of the need to digitize, optimize and automate clinci-al processes gives us confirmation. We are pleased and proud of what we have achieved, but we will certainly not rest on our achievements, but will con-tinue to pursue this path consistently.“ OPASCA has successfully managed the transformation from an innovative startup to an international SME. “For this, we would like to thank everyone who has accompa-nied us during this time, especially our employees, users and partners,“ adds OPASCA founder and CTO Dr. Timo Machmer.

OPASCA is committed to the rapid and flexible de-velopment of customized solutions for optimizing clincal processes. The modular solution portfolio of software and hardware can be individually adapted to the specific requirements and convinces with inuititve operation.

The portfolio ranges from special applications for patient safety in radiotherapy to intelligent call management in doctor’s practices and digital mapping of patient-centric workflows throughout the hospital. In doing so, the OPASCA solution can be networked with other IT systems. By capturing interactions and data, efficiency, safety and also staff and patient sa-tisfaction are increased.

The managing directors Dr. Timo Machmer and Dr. Alexej Swerdlow completed their doctorates at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in the special research area of humanoid robotics. The actual kick-off for OPASCA is due to 2010, when both received an assignment to develop a person and object re-cognition system in radiation therapy shortly before completing their doctorates. Machmer and Swer-dlow developed a solution that ensured that no one but the patient was present in the safety area. When OPASCA was officially founded in January 2011, the first systems were already running successfully in clincal operation. The startup was financed immedi-ately.

In order to ensure sustainable growth, additional capital was raised in the form of dormant and open investments after taking up funds from the start-up programs ‘EXIST’ (federal Government) and ‘Jun-ge Innovatoren’ (State of Ba-Wü), which also ena-bled the company to expand into further markets. Today, OPASCA employs more than 60 people and offers its proven solutions both through direct sales and through partners internationally, currently in 20 countries.

OPASCA, a company based in Mannheim, Germany, specifically addresses the special requirements of everyday radiotherapy operations in terms of pati-ent and workflow management, (patient) safety and patient-centered treatment processes.The focus is always on the intelligent networking of data, players, equipment, rooms and processes for a patient-centered workflow. Another goal is to involve patients more closely in the accompanying therapy process and to provide them with new opportuni-ties for interaction with clinical experts in order to strengthen their autonomy and positively influence the course of therapy.

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