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The advancing corona pandemic is having a massive impact on health care and on people’s lives. But medical research and technical development are advancing towards a common goal: to protect as many people as possible from COVID-19 in the shortest possible time – but this poses an enormous logistical and procedural challenge.

The vaccines are available, the facilities are prepared, but how can the many people who want to be vaccinated be managed? With Corona Vaccination Centre Management, OPASCA offers a resource-saving end-to-end solution from the time patients arrive until they leave the vaccination centre – all from one source.
With Corona Vaccination Centre Management, you ensure smooth processes, transparency and minimal effort for your staff in your vaccination centre. The vaccination process can thus be reduced to two minutes.

The patient journey begins with the independent registration of patients at the OPASCA Welcome Terminal and the issuing of a waiting badge. Here, an automatic temperature measurement is also carried out, which immediately informs the staff in case of a fever. Easy-to-understand information guides patients to the right waiting areas. The patient education is provided by an explanatory video and digital signature. The call for vaccination is made via monitors, loudspeakers or SMS – triggered by just one touch from the staff. Guiding monitors support patients in finding their way through confusing facilities.

It’s worth it! Your advantages of digitalisation

OPASCA has over a decade of experience in digitising clinical processes with its solutions. The demands of corona testing and vaccination centres correspond in many ways to the requirements of our established patient routing and management systems. OPASCA is therefore ideally prepared for implementation in Corona test and vaccination centres.

But OPASCA can do even more: the digital processing of patient data enables optimal monitoring and continuous optimisation of processes. The key figures and data for the national vaccination strategy are collected transparently and comprehensibly and can be forwarded to the respective federal agencies and other institutions as required.

times more vaccinee throughput!
people and more educated at the same time!
percent digital, transparent and efficient!
people in the call and guidance system at the same time possible!

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