Grand opening of the Stuttgart Cancer Centre

A milestone for the treatment of cancer patients in the Stuttgart area: on 30 January 2024, the Eva Mayr-Stihl Tumour Centre, better known as the Stuttgart Cancer Center (SCC), celebrated its grand opening at the renowned Klinikum Stuttgart. The innovative new building of House G heralds a new era in interdisciplinary collaboration for the treatment of cancer.

This is a significant step for medical care, not only for patients and families in the Stuttgart area, but also far beyond. The opening of the SCC is the result of years of planning, co-operation and dedication to fighting cancer with the latest methods and technologies.

This moment is also proudly fulfilling for us at OPASCA. After all, our long-standing partnership with Stuttgart Hospital and our solutions are also part of this state-of-the-art centre for the treatment of cancer patients.

Background of the Stuttgart Cancer Centre

The Stuttgart Cancer Centre, a flagship project for interdisciplinary cancer treatment, is a significant expansion of Klinikum Stuttgart. With the opening of House G on 30 January 2024, a visionary project that will shape the landscape of oncology in Germany has become a reality.

Named after Eva Mayr-Stihl, a well-known patron of medical science, this latest facility at the hospital stands for innovative treatment approaches and research in cancer medicine.

The Stuttgart Cancer Centre is a milestone for the future-oriented further development of medical care at the Klinikum Stuttgart. It will enable us to help patients even better and more effectively.

Marya Verdel, Commercial Director of Klinikum Stuttgart

The development of the SCC is the result of extensive planning that began back in 2023. During this phase, the foundations were laid for future-oriented medical care aimed at significantly improving treatment outcomes for cancer patients.

With its state-of-the-art equipment and interdisciplinary approach, the SCC forms a central point in the cancer treatment network. It combines expertise from various oncological disciplines to ensure holistic and patient-centred care. The facility is not only a place of healing, but also a centre of hope and innovation that sets new standards in cancer treatment.

The opening of the Stuttgart Cancer Centre is a milestone that reflects the commitment and determination of all those involved to improve the quality of life of cancer patients through advanced treatment methods and research.

OPASCA’s role and partnership in the Stuttgart Cancer Centre

The collaboration between OPASCA and Klinikum Stuttgart is an example of innovation and progress in the healthcare sector. Concrete planning for the Stuttgart Cancer Center began in October and November 2023, a process characterised by close and fruitful cooperation between our teams. This phase included not only the conceptual design, but also the precise elaboration of the technical and infrastructural requirements.

From left: Mr Hick (MedTech Europe GmbH), Mr Lucha (Minister of Social Affairs and Health BW) & Dr Swerdlow (CEO OPASCA)

At the centre of this planning was the implementation of the OPASCA solutions, which was successfully completed in the third calendar week of 2024. Our state-of-the-art technologies are specifically designed to digitise and automate the medical workflow, ultimately leading to more efficient and safer patient care. OPASCA’s InClinic Solution, consisting of elements such as the Welcome Terminal, Information Boards and Patient CheckIn, plays a central role in this. It makes it possible to simplify and speed up patient admission and care, which in turn leads to an improved patient experience.

Another key aspect of our technology at the SCC is the optimisation of radiotherapy. By introducing our digital solutions, such as Patient Validation or Personal Safety, we have been able to significantly increase the safety and comfort of radiotherapy for patients. These innovations underline our commitment to patient-centred treatment and demonstrate the ways in which modern technology can revolutionise cancer treatment.

At the Stuttgart Cancer Centre, the primary aim is to make clinical processes very patient- and employee-oriented.

Dr Alexei Sverdlov, CEO of OPASCA

The ongoing partnership between OPASCA and Stuttgart Hospital shows how collaboration and the use of cutting-edge technology can sustainably improve healthcare. We are proud that our solutions not only make a significant contribution to medical care, but have also played a key role in the successful realisation of the Stuttgart Cancer Center.

A sign of recognition and support

The opening ceremony of the Stuttgart Cancer Centre was an event that not only moved the medical community, but also the wider public. The presence of Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Manne Luche, emphasised the importance of this project at state level. His announcement of a considerable state subsidy of almost 55 million euros confirms the state government’s confidence and support in the project and its visionary direction.

Equally significant was the announcement by Robert Mayr, Chairman of the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation, that he will support the Stuttgart Clinical Centre in 2024 with a grant of 7 million euros. This financial commitment from a renowned foundation reflects the commitment and belief in the need for continuous innovation and development in the field of cancer treatment.

From the left: Prof. Dr Jürgensen (Medical Director of Klinikum Stuttgart), Ms Verdel (Commercial Director of Klinikum Stuttgart) & Mr Lucha (Minister of Social Affairs and Health BW)

These significant grants emphasise the importance of the SCC’s role in the future of cancer treatment. They also show that successful medical advances are often the result of collaboration between different sectors – the public sector, private foundations and innovative companies such as OPASCA. The opening ceremony therefore served not only to celebrate the commissioning of a new building, but also to recognise the joint efforts that have led to this impressive result.

Outlook and visions for the future

right: Mr Mayr (Chairman of the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation)

The opening of the Stuttgart Cancer Centre is a significant step, but it is only the beginning of a long and fruitful journey into the future of cancer treatment. The collaboration between OPASCA and Klinikum Stuttgart exemplifies the kind of partnership required to achieve true innovation in the field of medicine. We look forward to further strengthening this relationship and being at the forefront of medical progress together.

The future looks promising, with plans to further integrate and optimise our technologies at Klinikum Stuttgart. We are committed to continuously improving and adapting our solutions to meet the demands of an ever-changing medical landscape.

Our vision is to create an environment where technology and human expertise work seamlessly together to provide the best possible patient care. The commitment of Stuttgart Hospital and the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation, as well as the support of the state government, show that we are on the right track. Together, we can overcome the challenges in cancer treatment and continue to contribute to improving patients’ quality of life.


We at OPASCA are proud to be part of this important project and look forward to continuing our work with Klinikum Stuttgart. Together we will continue to drive innovation to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of patients. We congratulate everyone involved on this success and look forward to a future where cancer treatment is redefined by technology and humanity.