Infotainment is part of the Workflow Suite.

​In the next-generation waiting area, information is provided digitally, up-to-date and efficiently. Entertainment content serves to shorten the perceived waiting time of your patients, while at the same time information about the daily schedule or your treatment offer can be provided. 

The multifunctional Information Boards offer a variety of display content such as image series (Ambient Diashow), TV program (TV Stream), individual and occasion-related context (e.g. information on quarterly changes, expiration information, waiting times, information videos, etc.) as well as the integration option for data protection-compliant calling with Patient Calling and the demand-oriented setup of scrolling texts. By extending communication with your patients in this way, you increase transparency and satisfaction, while at the same time reducing worklaod on the human resources.

Your benefits

For your patients:

For the professional staff:

​​The multifunctional entertainment and information solution
for your patients.

Infotainment makes the waiting times for the patients pleasant and varied. Patients can be provided with relevant clinical information in real time or entertained with video sequences. Optionally, an individually configurable ticker can communicate current delays or device failures. The ease of use and the improvement in transparency mean that staff are relieved and patients feel more secure.

The TV volume can be adjusted separately from the call. The audio output of the TV stream is interrupted during a
call to increase the intelligibility of the announcement. Library updates and caching improve the integration of TV
streams. Find out more!


  • ​Display of entertainment content, including Ambient Diashow, TV Stream
  • Scrolling texts for short-term messaging, e.g. in the event of delays 
  • Demand-oriented and individual provision of information such as notes on quarterly changes or procedures (Content Creation)
  • Optimally supplemented with Patient Calling and Patient Guide
  • Information Board available in different sizes
  • Embed and display any website