Patient Companion App RT is 
a component of the Safety Suite.

​Patient Companion RT is a simple and effective way of managing patient passports and facilitates organisation and communication between patients and the facility. Using a QR code, the patient can download their digital patient passport to their smartphone and access scheduled appointments at any time, both online and offline. The app also contains the facility's contact details and a location map for quick access.

​The facility can simply activate the digital patient passport and provide the patient with a QR code at the registration desk. As soon as the patient has scanned the code, the passport is linked to their patient data and information. The app shows the patient what information is displayed and how they can log in and out at the check-in terminal using the app.

Our product also enables the mixed use of patient passes, either RFID-based or digital. The number ranges for RFID and digital patient passports are non-overlapping and it is ensured that no patient can impersonate another. Deactivating the app also deactivates the digital passport, which makes it easier for the facility to manage the passport data.

Your benefits

​The patient passport is completely digital as an app.

​The individual features of the Safety Suite can be individually combined with each other to provide the best possible support for your day-to-day operations. The display and operation is touch-controlled via the multifunctional OPASCA
terminals. Find out more!


  • ​​​
    ​24/7 availability for patients
  • ​Secure data exchange with the ROKIS
  • ​Data protection compliant: only display of own appointments
  • ​Navigation from the app
  • ​Automatic update for new appointments or changes
  • ​​​
    Contact information
  • ​​​
    Autonomous login
  • ​​​
    Intuitive, user-friendly and multilingual operation