Patient Navigation & Patient Guide - ​For a safe feeling throughout your stay in the clinic and in the doctor's office.

​Finding the way to the appointment destination quickly and without detours not only increases optimal resource utilization and prevents idle time, but also ensures employee and patient satisfaction. Patient Navigation uses the data protection-compliant Patient Pass to guide your patients and visitors either automatically from the Welcome Terminal to the selected specialist area or call-controlled via Patient Calling in the waiting area directly to the treatment room.

The easy-to-understand navigation can be done via the strategically placed navigation screens or via the Patient Companion App on your patient‘s smartphone. Your patients‘ orientation is optimally complemented by the Patient Guide, especially in highly frequented, spacious areas: Static directions are supplemented with dynamic information and provide transparent and easy-to-understand information.

Your benefits

For your patients:

For your professional staff:

​The automated patient guidance system as a digital
orientation aassistance for your patients.

​Without detours to the destination: The Patient Navigation reliably navigates the patient to the next treatment destination using their personal color number combinations. Control monitors in the corridors of the clinic or doctor's office show the visualized walking direction. The system is controlled by the staff centrally and conveniently from the respective operator station.


  • ​​​Automated patient guidance For your patients:
  • Easy to understand symbol language, partly animated
  • Static and dynamic content
  • Call-controlled patient guidance
  • Extendable by Patient Registration and Patient CheckIn