Patientparticipation through digitalisation  

On the 15th and 16th of February, OPASCA will take part in the Entscheiderevent in Düsseldorf. This is an event organised by the Entscheiderfabrik, which has been acting as an incubator of ideas for digitalisation in the health sector since 2006. During the event, the book “Digitaler Reifegrad von deutschen Kliniken im internationalen Vergleich” (Digital maturity of German hospitals in international comparison) will be presented. In this work, the authors look at different criteria for measuring the level of digital maturity against the background of the German Hospital Future Act (KHZG). From this they derive strategies for optimising the digitalisation processes of medical facilities. 

In the chapter “Patient Engagement”, Marco Lanfrit, Chief of Sales and Business Development Officer of OPASCA GmbH, was able to contribute the article “Patientparticipation through Self-Services as a Win-Win Situation for Patients and Service Providers”. Within said article, he explains the efficiency potential inherent in patientparticipation through digitalisation.

Marco Lanfrit, Chief of Sales und Business Development Officer of OPASCA GmbH

“When it comes to digitalisation, the focus lies often on the very technical topics of interoperability and interfaces. These are important. However, I am personally very pleased to be able to provide an insight into what is ultimately the most important interface in the hospital, the patient, by contributing the subject of patientparticipation through self-services in this excellent book. 

The topic of patient participation has been at the centre of our daily activities at OPASCA for more than 12 years. We would like to thank Pierre Meier and the Entscheiderfabrik for the opportunity to share our extensive experience and perspective.”

If you would like to learn more about the book, you can order it now in the Holzmann Media Shop. 

Through solutions of our Workflow Suite, we offer a variety of possibilities to increase patientparticipation through digitalisation in medical facilities and raise their digital maturity level.  

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