Patient Request & Reception Call is part of the Workflow Suite.

​​​As a complementary extension to Patient CheckIn & CheckOut, you enable your patients to make simple requests for appointments or prescriptions during self-check-in. These are forwarded directly to the Operator Terminal at the reception desk and can be processed in a structured manner while your patient waits to be called for an appointment.

Reception Call can also be used by the specialist staff to transmit a corresponding request to the patient: If you would like to speak to the patient in person, he will receive a corresponding notification at the next interaction at the CheckIn Terminal that he should contact the reception.

Your benefits

For your patients:

For the professional staff:

​The digital patient assistant for appointment and prescription requests.

​​​The individual features of the Workflow Suite can be individually combined with each other to digitally map your clinical
processes in the best possible way and to reduec your workload through automation. In connection with your HIS/OIS,
data exchange is standardized and secure.


  • ​​​Staff-independent take up of requests via the CheckIn Terminal
  • Multilingual and intuitive operation
  • Automatic forwarding for processing
  • Request for the patient to come to the reception digitalliy forwarded to be shown on the CheckIn Terminal at only a finger touch