Patient Validation ​ is part of the Safety Suite. 

​​Initially, you assign reference data of the currently loaded patient to the OIS-ID, which is used for the validation in all subsequent radiations. The patient can also do this himself while you are already preparing the positioning aids. In this way, you enable your patients to actively participate in the treatment process and at the same time obtain the safety that misidentifications are excluded. 

If there is a discrepancy, you will be informed automatically and the radiation will not be released until you have checked it. The validation of bed and anesthesia patients can be suspended if necessary.

Your benefits

​The visual verification of patient identity to reliably avoid misidentification.

​​The individual features of the Safety Suite can be combined individually to provide the best possible support for your everyday workflow. The display and operation is touch-controlled via the multifunctional OPASCA terminals. The features are available for all common LINAC models from the manufacturers Accuray, Elekta, Siemens, Varian, and with limitations also for MR-LINACs from Elekta and ViewRay. Further areas of application: CT and brachytherapy rooms.


  • ​​One-time manual assignment of patient reference to OIS ID
  • Autonomous or assisted follow-up validation at each radiation session
  • Suspend validations as needed
  • For MOSAIQ®: Integration in Site Setup Verification
  • Manual check and release in case of deviations
  • Biometric data matching between reference and current patient