Personal Safety is part of the Safety Suite. 

​Optical sensors detect the entire treatment room and warn you reliably with a still image before the start of radiation whether there are still people in the room. If this is not the case, you continue without interruption. The technology used clearly distinguishes the patient on the treatment table from the room environment, but not whether it is your colleagues, cleaning staff or service externals. This protects everyone from accidental radiation exposure, without the
need for identification, badges or registration.

Your benefits

​The markerless and reliable personal safety solution.

​​The individual features of the Safety Suite can be combined individually to provide the best possible support for your everyday workflow. The display and operation is touch-controlled via the multifunctional OPASCA terminals. The features are available for all common LINAC models from the manufacturers Accuray, Elekta, Siemens, Varian, and with limitations also for MR-LINACs from Elekta and ViewRay. Further areas of application: CT and brachytherapy rooms.


  • ​​​Complete, sensor-based coverage of the treatment room
  • Integration into the LINAC interlock
  • Automatic and intelligent real-time analysis of the current room situation before radiation starts
  • Visual feedback in case of potential danger, final release only by qualified personnel, not the system
  • Display of live camera images at the workstation for surveillance (Video Monitoring)