Registration Statistics Dashboard - ​Process optimization

​Make your patient management more efficient and smarter with our new Registration Statistics Dashboard. Benefit from sophisticated PowerBI integration and get deep insights into user behavior and performance of your InClinic Solution. Our PowerBI file includes predefined dashboards that can be flexibly adapted to your individual customer layout. The graphical customization is already included in the price. Once activated, all relevant interactions that take place during patient registration and Patient Calling Web are recorded. This includes Welcome Terminal logins, calls, transfers, completions and more. With our dashboard, you have access to live data such as queues and wait times, as well as historical data such as patient distribution over a 24-hour period and monthly patient visits.

Your benefits

For your patients:

​For the professional staff:

​Evaluation for Patient Registration & Patient Calling Web for process optimization

​If you already have an InClinic Solution running, the Registration Statistics Dashboard is available to authorized users who have a PowerBI installation. When you open PowerBI, the dashboard is automatically available to you because the data is automatically transferred from the OPASCA Core Performance Platform to PowerBI. The analyses presented in the dashboard are easily accessible and intuitive to use. In addition, you can easily export the results from PowerBI for further analysis, for example as an Excel file or PDF. With OPASCA's Registration Statistics Dashboard, you can streamline your clinic's workflow and make better decisions based on accurate data. Get started today with more efficient patient management.


  • ​​Evaluability of the processes
  • Secure data exchange