​Everyday services for long-term availability   

​You have decided to use an OPASCA solution that makes your day-to-day work easier and offers you many advantages in terms of safety and efficiency of the processes. Your OPASCA system consists of a configuration of software and hardware components that require regular, professional maintenance over the course of their useful life.

In order to protect your investment, to guarantee the security and smooth operation of your OPASCA system, we offer you various everyday services. A service agreement offers you the advantage of being able to rely on guaranteed response times within the agreed service times, regardless of the number of service cases. Due to the maintenance and software updates included, the system will never age from a performance perspective, but will automatically benefit from our further developments and will always be state-of-the-art. 

The same applies to the hardware: if it is defective or can no longer guarantee functionality, it will be replaced. Last but not least, the high operational stability of your OPASCA system is guaranteed by a holistic security and failure concept based on redundant and distributed self-monitoring functions. If the OPASCA system has interfaces to systems from other manufacturers, these will of course also be updated in accordance with the applicable interoperability standards and, if necessary, individual system requirements. 

Our employees who make this service possible are qualified to do so and are also trained in line with system developments in order to be able to offer you these guaranteed services in accordance with the technical and qualitative standards then in force in the future.

OPASCA Service Suite

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