Special applications

​Digitization is one of the greatest strategic challenges for many areas of outpatient and inpatient healthcare in this and the upcoming years. The radiation therapy discipline is considered a pioneer due to its high level of technologization - and this is also where OPASCA has its roots.

Originally founded as a start-up for innovative systems for personal protection, we have become one of the leading experts in security solutions for the protection of patients, healthcare professionals and and non-employees in this area. 

Complementing the safety functionalities of the OPASCA Safety Suite, the features of the Workflow Suite support the processes of the actual treatment of patients in all medical disciplines, as well as in the private practice sector.

​We continuously develop our solutions in line with the state of the art to bring the potential of automation and digitization to all areas of healthcare: for greater safety and efficiency. People are always at the center of our product strategy.

​Closed loop process for more safety and patient comfort in radiation therapy

​Autonomous patient registration and waiting room management

​Digital process control in the pandemic

​Self-registration and queuing in the central patient admission system