The OPASCA annual review 2023 with many highlights and employee events.

The OPASCA annual review 2023

The year 2023 was characterised by significant milestones and valuable partnerships for us. The biggest milestone began in January – we celebrated OPASCA’s 12th anniversary.

At the beginning of the year, we gained SLK-Kliniken Heilbronn as a valued customer, who chose OPASCA to optimise their radiotherapy with our advanced workflow and safety solutions. A long-term contract over ten years reflects the deep trust in our expertise. At the same time, the Reutlingen radiotherapy centre also expanded our customer portfolio, much to our delight.

In March, Romed Kliniken also opted for OPASCA in order to intensify their presence and expertise in the healthcare sector. The presentation of our solutions at Stuttgart Hospital impressively demonstrated the effectiveness of our technologies when we were able to record a series of reference videos on site.

DMEA 2023 in April provided a platform for us to present our Workflow Suite and the InClinic Solution. These solutions help to optimize clinical operations in radiotherapy and are also used in other medical fields. In addition, our positioning in the FOCUS clinic recommendation list in May underlined the preference of 15 of the top 25 clinics in Germany for OPASCA in order to digitalise their internal processes.

July brought another partnership with the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), this time in northern Germany, which further strengthens our position in the market. We are particularly pleased about the expanded partnership with our long-standing customer Klinikum Stuttgart, where we installed our InClinic Solution at three locations and can now offer even more support, transparency, and security.

Other outstanding highlights over the course of the year

In August, the renowned Bonn University Hospital implemented our solutions, with a particular focus on the Safety Suite features, which are of great value to both staff and patients.

The DGMP Annual Congress in September provided a platform for professional exchange and recognition with the presentation of the Expert Award to Dr. Georg Stamm. At the same time, we presented our expertise at the Starvision Expo and discussed patient-centred digitalisation in the healthcare sector. Together with Dr. Christian Giro from the Radiologische Allianz Hamburg, we gave a joint presentation on the topic of “Patient-centred process digitalization to relieve the burden on specialist staff and increase patient satisfaction”.

In November, we received valuable feedback from Klinik Donaustadt, which supported our continuous improvement by allowing us to record a reference video on site. The year ended with our participation in the Gingerbread Congress in Nuremberg, where the response to our solutions was extremely positive.

Outlook for the coming year

In summary, 2023 for OPASCA was characterized by sustainable growth, industry-wide recognition and a commitment to very good and dedicated customer relationships. Our solutions make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency, safety, and transparency in medical facilities. We would like to thank our customers and partners for their trust in OPASCA. We look forward to 2024 with excitement and ambition.