OPASCA ​sets tomorrow's Standards of Care today

​OPASCA optimizes and digitizes processes and workflows in large and small clinical facilities. The modular solution portfolio of software and hardware can be customized: from special applications in radiotherapy to holistic workflow and patient management in the entire hospital or even a doctor's practice.

All relevant real-time workflow data is captured and integrated - for more efficiency, safety, and satisfaction of staff and patients. OPASCA is headquartered in Mannheim and employs over 70 people. Founded in 2011 as a start-up, OPASCA has long since become a technology pioneer and market leader.


​Million times, protected people from medical errors


​Millions of user interactions


​User interface languages


​Hospitals and satisfied customers

We care for digital healthcare

​OPASCA is characterized by its proximity to clinical processes and the rapid, flexible development of precisely tailored solutions - always oriented to concrete needs.

OPASCA's technology offers concrete added value: it adapts to people, not the other way around. Even if complex processes run in the background of the solutions, their operation is intuitive. In practice, this ensures the extraordinary acceptance of the solutions.