ESTRO 2023 – Unforgettable highlights

This year we once again had the great opportunity to be represented at ESTRO in Vienna. As a leader in medical innovation, we are proud to showcase our pioneering technologies and solutions to a global audience of experts, researchers and professionals every year. In this blog post, we take a look at OPASCA’s participation in ESTRO 2023 and the highlights of this premier event.

What does ESTRO stand for?

ESTRO stands for “European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology” and is a leading international organization dedicated to promoting excellence in radiotherapy and oncology. In doing so, ESTRO plays a critical role in bringing together professionals from diverse fields such as medicine, science, research and engineering to optimize patient care in a sustainable manner.


ESTRO regularly organizes scientific meetings, congresses and educational events where experts from around the world can present their latest research and advances in the medical field.

The ESTRO Congress is not only an opportunity as a company to present how we have turned customer needs into products, but also to discuss the results with our valued customers in order to develop new ideas. The fun doesn’t fall by the wayside either.

Volker Grützmann, Senior Account Manager at OPASCA GmbH

What solutions did OPASCA present at ESTRO 2023?

At ESTRO 2023, we showcased an impressive range of solutions aimed at improving patient care in a sustainable way. Below are some of the standout safety and workflow solutions OPASCA showcased at ESTRO:

Companion App for RT
  • This app is used to communicate information about treatment appointments and progress to patients 24/7
  • The app updates patients on appointment rescheduling or new appointments.
Patient Validation
  • Guarantees the reliable avoidance of patient mix-ups
  • Integration with the LINAC interlock increases security
  • Increased patient sovereignty and sense of security on the patient side
Reception Call
  • Staff can transmit individual requests to patients
  • Relief of the specialist staff
  • More flexibility in case of unscheduled circumstances

The lively interest from German-speaking and international countries in our solutions during ESTRO has made me feel very positive. Good discussions and new contacts were made. This shows that OPASCA, with its safety and workflow solutions, reflects the needs of its customers and has its finger on the pulse. I also enjoyed demonstrating our solutions to customers, as this gave them a better understanding of the OPASCA experience.

Berkan Eryilmaz, Head of Sales RT DACH at OPASCA

Our solutions at ESTRO 2023 demonstrate the company’s commitment to using innovative technologies to optimize treatment outcomes for patients. By integrating precision and automation, OPASCA is helping to continuously improve patients’ quality of life.

In the video below, we give you a sneak peek of how the weekend went at ESTRO:


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What is the importance of ESTRO 2023 for OPASCA?

ESTRO 2023 provided us with a unique platform to share our expertise and experience with leading industry professionals, make valuable contacts, and build long-term partnerships. It was a significant opportunity for OPASCA to exchange ideas with other companies, researchers and medical professionals to work together on the digitization of the healthcare system.

In this context, ESTRO provided us with the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from experts and attendees. This feedback can help to further improve OPASCA’s solutions and better address the needs of physicians, medical staff and patients.

The direct interaction with our customers was extremely enriching. It was a valuable and informative experience for both the visitors and ourselves. Our conversations were long and interesting, and we were able to gain important insights into the realities of the field from other countries. This experience has deepened our understanding and opened up new perspectives for us.

Christian Scholl, Solution Service Specialist at OPASCA

With this in mind, we would first of all like to thank ESTRO for providing us with a public platform where we could present our medical technology innovations to a wide audience.

Furthermore, we would like to thank all those who stopped by our booth or exchanged ideas with us in person! We hope that we were able to arouse your interest in our solutions and that we will be able to welcome you again next year.

A big thank you also goes to all employees who organized the event and planned and set up the booth.

Together we are shaping the future of healthcare!