​Vaccination and Testing Centers

​At least since the corona pandemic, everyone has been aware of the advantages that digitization brings for both the limited professional resources and the patients. As a digitization expert in healthcare, we were able to prove during these challenging times that with our Workflow Suite solutions we can help make the processes in the test and vaccination centers more efficient and thus contribute to protection against COVID-19.

​Benefits and added value for your patients

  • ​​Physical distance to the specialist staff or avoiding contact through automation minimizes the risk of infection
  • ​Promotion of trust, sense of autonomy, and safety on the patient side through active involvement, participation, and automated provision of information
  • ​User-friendly, intuitive user interface quickly reduces fear of contact, even among people who are less tech-savvy, resulting in high user acceptance
  • ​Automated processes accelerate the procedure, reduce the length of stay and thus the risk of infections
  • ​Preservation and protection of privacy

​Benefits and added value for your staff

  • ​Relief of human resources and more effective preparation of tests and optimization of the vaccination process through automated control of patient flows
  • ​Risk and error prevention through reduction of personal contacts lead to increase in patient and staff safety
  • ​Integrated documentation for reporting to official bodies with automatic batch assignment as export minimizes manual data entry
  • ​Automated discharge after observation time while meeting data protection requirements