Patient Calling - ​Relief for the complex everyday clinical routine with the patient call.

​Protecting personal data is of utmost importance. Patient Calling, in combination with the Patient Pass, offers you a convenient and legally compliant way to call your patients in the public waiting area while maintaining their privacy. At the same time, you avoid misidentification due to frequently occurring, incorrectly or mispronounced names. Patient Calling is triggered at the touch of a finger from all integrated workstations. 

The information on the individual Patient Pass is displayed on the Information Board, together with the call destination. The output is visual and acoustic, either by a singal tone or a full voice output. If required, the call can be escalated to other integrated waiting areas. When using the Patient Companion app, the information of the individual digital Patient Pass is used for the call.

Your benefits

For your patients:

For the professional staff:

​​​The data protection-compliant patient call with convenient extras.

​At a single touch by the staff, the patient is called acoustically and visually via their individual color-number combination. This makes the call absolutely anonymous and data protection compliant. The automation of the process enables accelerated treatment processes and optimized patient management.


  • ​​​Patient call based on Patient Pass without naming the patient
  • Call escalation over multiple areas as needed
  • Manual prioritization
  • Deferring the call in case of non-attendance
  • Visual and acoustic (speech or beep) output of the call