Patient Pass - ​Your patients‘ digital key card.

​​The Patient Pass is available as a QR code (as a paper printout or digitally in the Patient Companion app) or as an indivi-dually printed, reusable RFID card. Uniquely and anonymously linked to the patient ID of your HIS/OIS, the Patient Pass protects the privacy of your patients, allowing them to access information and act on their autonomously - all without the assistance of healthcare professionals.

The Patient Pass enables the use of the following features, which promote patient autonomy and at the same time redu-ce the workload fo the staff: Patient CheckIn & CheckOut, Patient Request, Patient Registration, Patient Calling, Patient Guide, Patient Navigation. From autonomous Patient Registration and independent form filling at the Patient Desk to data privacy compliant Patient Calling and secure navigating to the appointment destination, the Patient Pass is your patients‘ digital key card to their treatment information. 

Your benefits

For your patients:

​For the professional staff:

​​​Patient Pass ​is the ideal therapy companion during the entire stay in the clinic or practice.

​The Patient Pass with an individual combination of color and number enables clear identification and data protection-compliant access to patients throughout their stay in the clinic. 

The patient can use his card to log in and out himself. 

Thanks to real-time data transmission, the staff always has an overview of the patient's status and whereabouts.


  • ​​​As RFID card for repeated use (e.g. returning patients, multiple appointments during inpatient stay)
  • As QR code on paper or digitally for one-time and repeated use
  • Secure data assignment between identifier and patient ID of HIS/OIS through encryption
  • No data storage (on Patient Pass)
  • Access to content depending on overall configuration
  • Optimally combined with Patient Registration, Patient CheckIn & CheckOut, Patient Navigation, Patient Guide, Patient Desk and Patient Calling