​Every OPASCA solution is designed for intuitive, simple and self-explanatory operation. After a training course, the participants are enabled to use the OPASCA system immediately and also to instruct further users (train-the-trainer principle).

Basically, the training requirements are defined in consultation with you analogous to the projected scope of services. The contents are based on the one hand on the basic functionality and operation, but also take into account any individual adaptations, particularly with regard to the user interface, as well as any integrated contents of third-party systems.

Training courses can be repeated as agreed, and can also be arranged for future functional enhancements as required. The training is usually conducted by one of our trainers on-site at your company, but can also be conducted online as a video conference in parts. The structure of our trainings takes place in 3 sections:

​Objective: To provide information about the scope of the OPASCA solution, basic functionality and operation, behavior in the event of a malfunction, cleaning, maintenance, and patient communication.

​Application of the theoretical training content in one's own everyday life under the guidance of the training instructor.

​Goal: Commissioning of the OPASCA system in patient operation. Accompaniment by the training manager in patient operation in the individual functional/work areas, with hands-on at the various workstations.

​Key users can also be trained as required, enabling them to carry out coordinated activities in the company with and without our support.

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