Video & Patient Monitoring is part of the Safety Suite. 

​The live images from the high-resolution, radiation-hardened and wide-angle camera units are displayed on the various layouts of the Cockpit Terminal at the operator station. Display settings can be easily changed with just a few touches of the finger, eliminating the need for any operating peripherals. Patient Monitoring allows you to take close-up views of monitor relevant vital signs or other monitor displays. You can also integrate the monitoring of waiting areas, bed ward or other areas where you cannot be personally present for your patients.

Your benefits

​​The convenient and durable video surveillance of your radiation rooms.

​​The individual features of the Safety Suite can be combined individually to provide the best possible support for your everyday workflow. The display and operation is touch-controlled via the multifunctional OPASCA terminals. The features are available for all common LINAC models from the manufacturers Accuray, Elekta, Siemens, Varian, and with limitations also for MR-LINACs from Elekta and ViewRay. Further areas of application: CT and brachytherapy rooms.


  • ​​​High-resolution camera images without noticeable transmission delay
  • Integrated residual light filter
  • Video Monitoring: integrated digital zoom function
  • Patient monitoring: 10x or 30x optical zoom
  • Distortion-free wide-angle view
    If required: radiation- hardened
  • Presets for display and zoom settings