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​Consulting & Project Management

​Whether as an individual contractor, general contractor or subcontractor, new construction, conversion or retrofitting in existing buildings: We are happy to assume responsibility for project management and coordinate with all the trades involved to achieve smooth and, above all, timely implementation. 

What counts for us is that you as our customer are satisfied, not only with the result, but also along the way.

Assess: ​Together with you, we analyze the status quo of your current workflows and processes. Depending on the scope of services, we also offer you assessments directly on site to understand your requirements in the best possible way.

Advice: ​We develop an individual concept for you, focusing on the added value for your clinic, your employees and patients. Based on our many years of experience, we configure YOUR OPASCA system.

Adopt: ​Implementation and commissioning are carried out in accordance with the mutually agreed project plan. This also includes integration into your existing system landscape.

Support: ​In order to ensure smooth operation in the long term, we will continue to accompany you from go-live as a partner and ensure that the added value for you and your patients increases steadily.

Develop: ​We are constantly developing our solutions and set the highest standards for security, availability and interoperability. With the continuous further developments, you and your OPASCA system also remain up to date at all times.

​Are you planning a tender? We would be happy to provide you with our experience from over 100 award procedures and advise you on the design of the service catalog.

​For information on how we use and object to your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

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​We look forward to hearing from you!

​We are happy to advise you without obligation!