Interview: Jessa Acosta – Marketing Manager at OPASCA

Jessa Acosta started her career at OPASCA as a working student and has since undergone a remarkable evolution towards becoming a successfull Marketing Manager, focusing on digital marketing. She officially took on the position in September 2021, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in online marketing to the team. She impressively demonstrates how employees at OPASCA can unfold their full potential and continuously develop.

Commitment pays off.

Her passion for travel inspired Jessa to pursue her business degree with a focus on tourism and travel management. Through an internship in e-commerce and online marketing, she discovered her interest in the field and set her goal: pursuing a career in digital marketing.

Shortly after, she took the position as a working student at OPASCA. Here, she was able to further expand her knowledge and skills and gain more experience in online marketing. Through her commitment, she was eventually taken on as a full-time employee.

Variety, diversity and flexibility.

What Jessa appreciates about her job as a Marketing Manager is that it is very varied and diverse. She is responsible for creating, planning and implementing online marketing strategies, including creative content for social media channels. A large part of her job also involves reviewing the performance of campaigns and analyzing the results to optimize the strategy. This requires creative thinking as well as careful analysis and planning.

Jessa’s biggest motivation is that she has a positive impact on the growth and success of the company. She loves coming up with ideas and designing successfull strategies. As another benefit of a career at OPASCA, Jessa explained that the home office option provides a good work-life balance, allowing employees to balance their personal and professional commitments.

“The work atmosphere is of utmost relevance to me. The team shares a common vision and works closely together to achieve our goals. Everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinion, contribute ideas and actively participate in shaping the company. Shared activities such as lunch or after-hours activities foster team spirit and contribute to a positive work culture.”

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