​The Digital Patient Journey from retreatment to follow-up care

Patient Companion App

​The mobile patient assistant

​Keep pace with technological developments and provide your service to your patients via their personal devices such as smartphone or tablet: OPASCA Mobile Solutions are multi-device capable and allow your patients 24/7 access to the information relevant to them. Sending appointment and prescription requests around the clock, preparing examination and treatment appointments conveniently from home, notifications of appointment rescheduling or delays - this not only shows that you offer a modern patient service, but also relieves your on-site human resources at the same time: fewer phone calls, shorter waiting times at the registration desk, timely and fully informed patients have a very positive effect on the general mood of everyone involved. In addition, you open up a way for your patients to participate in their personal treatment process, which strengthens their sense of autonomy and sovereignty.


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am Patient Desk

Stammdatenverwaltung, Dokumentenupload, Informationseingaben

  • ​Full integration into the HIS
  • ​Versatile patient pathway 
  • ​Reduced workload for staff to utilize these resources                    
  • ​Increasing efficiency in administration  
  • ​Optimized resource management
  • ​End-to-end solutions: digital patient pathway from home to clinic 
  • ​More active patient involvement  
  • ​Ease of use
  • ​There are no costs for your patients
  • ​Everything from a single source 
  • ​Networking of different areas                    
  • ​100 % data quality, availability and system interoperability 
  • ​Interface-based, secure data exchange 
  • ​Can be integrated into existing IT systems

Patient Companion App: Der mobile Patientenassistent

​​Welcome your new employee, who will help you communicate with your patients and, in particular, relieve your registration specialists: Patient Companion is an app, available for Android and iOS, that provides your patients with essential information 24/7 about their treatment appointments, treatment progress, and essential content like contact information.

​On site, your patient registers with their digital Patient Pass at the CheckIn Terminal and is called to their appointment via the Patient Companion App, discreetly and in compliance with data protection regulations through our Patient Calling.

​New appointments and postponements are displayed directly in the Patient Companion App. Patient Companion also includes a map of your clinic for better orientation and the usual contact options (phone, e-mail).

​Benefits and added value for your patients

  • ​Modern and staff-independent source of communication and information promotes satisfaction 
  • ​Attractive external presentation through the use of modern, patient-centered technologies and media 
  • ​User-friendly, intuitive user interface quickly reduces fear of contact among people who are less tech-savvy and results in high user acceptance  

​Benefits and added value for your staff

  • ​Promoting trust, a sense of autonomy, and satisfaction on the patient side through active involvement, participation, and automated information provision 
  • ​Time and cost savings, including autonomous patient registration and fewer inquiries 
  • ​Increasing the degree of digitization by automating repetitive, administrative and analog activities  

Note: The Patient Companion App is currently available exclusively as an add-on for our radiotherapy solutions

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