Patient Desk - ​The digital workplace for your patients.

​​Like a clinical workstation, the Patient Desk provides your patients with access to the information concerning them and enables structured data acquisition: whether master data management, self-history, consent or the completion of forms with a final digital signature and automatic storage in the data management system. Standardized data exchange with the HIS is used to synchronize and transfer case-related information. 

Data quality is increased, personnel resources are relieved, costs for paper printouts, among other things, are saved, waiting times are shortened, and treatment is optimally prepared. You have more time for patients who need your special attention and care, while at the same time increasing the autonomy of those patients who take advantage of the digital services.

Your benefits

For your patients:

​For the professional staff:

​Digitize processes with the Patient Desk and significantly reduce waiting times.

​The Patient Desk offers patients the opportunity to digitally fill out and sign the necessary admission forms in advance of treatment. The patient is made easier to deal with by asking simple, easy-to-understand questions. The legally binding text is also available. In addition, clinic-specific queries, such as a patient password, can be structurally recorded. The completed documents are immediately sent to the staff. With the Signature Pad installed, the signatures are legally secure. Privacy protection measures ensure privacy when editing.


  • ​24/7 availability
  • Access to patient-specific content protected, only possible with Patient Passport
  • Provision of information content
  • Completion of forms, e.g. for admission, transfer or discharge management, checklists, surveys, selfhistory, consent form, education, etc.
  • Digital, legally compliant signature
  • In conjunction with DMS: automatic ID assignment and document storage