​The features of the Workflow Suite at a glance

​From digital patient onboarding to transparent, privacy-compliant waiting time and call management, communication with your patients via app to an intuitive patient guidance system - OPASCA provides you with a complete solution from a single source.

The OPASCA Workflow Suite simplifies the complex daily routine in the clinic. It ensures that all processes run more efficiently and are networked with each other, leaving more time for the individual and personal care of your patients. 

The InClinic Solution are ideally complemented by solutions are ideally complemented by the features of the Mobile Solutions. The Patient Companion App and the Patient Portal provide your patients with access to the information relevant to them and on the move at any time to the services that are relevant for you.

​Workflow Suite Features:

Welcome Terminal

Patient Pass

Patient Desk

Companion App

Patient CheckIn & CheckOut


Patient Calling

Patient Navigation & Patient Guide

Patient Registration

Patient Request & Reception Call

​Registration Statistics Dashboard