Patient Companion - ​The mobile patient assistant.

​​Say hello to your new employee, who will help you communicate with your patients and, in particular, reduces workload on your reception staff: Patient Companion is an app, available for Android and iOS, that provides your patients 24/7 with essential information about their treatment appointments, treatment progress and essential content such as contact information. On site, your patient logs in at the CheckIn Terminal with his digital Patient Pass and is also called to the appointment via this Information Board in a discreet and data-protection-compliant manner (Patient Calling).

New appointments and postponements are displayed directly in the Patient Companion app. Patient Companion also includes a map of your clinic for better orientation and the usual contact options (telephone, e-mail).

Your benefits

For your patients:

For your professional staff:

​The companion app as an ideal therapy companion for simplified communication between the patient and the doctor.

​The Patient Companion accompanies the patients via app before, during and after the treatment process. In this way, you always have an overview of your personal appointments and the progress of the treatment. Information and contact details of the clinic or medical practice can be called up at any time. The staff has the option of communicating appointment changes directly via push message. In this way, unnecessary waiting times can be avoided and patient autonomy can be strengthened.


  • ​24/7 availability
  • Secure data exchange with OIS/HIS
  • Display of personal appointments
  • Navigation from within the app
  • Automatic update for new appointments or changes
  • Contact information
  • Digital Patient Pass
  • Intuitive, user-friendly and multilingual operation